Carpentry in Arlington, Texas


New baseboards are often upgraded when floors are redone. Taller baseboards are stylish and require caulking between the wall and the base. The wall paint color is touched up to the baseboard edge and then the baseboard color is applied to the filled nail holes and the line of caulk. Baseboard are best sprayed before installation and then touched up.


When upgrading the interior of a home new doors can be selected at one of the local door or window companies. We can install elegant panel doors with arches or panels to set off new cosmetic and functional improvements. We remove your old door frame and door and set the new door level in the opening and adjust it so it closes properly. It takes care to make sure the door gaps with the door casing are consistent and the door closes properly.


We remove your old cabinets and install new cabinets. Cabinets are leveled and screwed to allow for adjustments. Plywood sides and bottoms are best as MDF or particle board cabinets tend to disintegrate when coming into contact with water.

Wall Openings

Sometimes it is advantageous from an ascetic perspective to open up walls or reframe the opening for arches or decorative openings. We have the skill to remove your load bearing wall by installing a reverse header in the attic for changing the layout internally. New windows can be installed for more light.

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